It’s Release Day!!

More about Don’s latest book that’s been released.

Author Don Massenzio

Today is release day. It’s hard to believe that it is the release of the eleventh book that I’ve written in the past five years. This one was fun as it was outside of my traditional crime/mystery genre.


In my book,, I have pulled together four separate related stories. Three of them were published as serials on my blog over the past year. The fourth is a brand new story that weaves together the other three. This was an enjoyable exercise and I hope that those that choose to read it will enjoy it as well.

Here is a bit about each of the stories in

No Pain, No gain

In this story, we meet Joyce. She, like many of us, struggles with extra weight and with a lack of desire to do anything about it. That is, until she buys a revolutionary new fitness…

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They Just Keep Coming … Snarky Snippets

Another of Betsy DeVos’s brilliant ideas that sunk like a lead weight when met with common sense.

Filosofa's Word

While I’ve always been known for having a quick comeback, and rarely at a loss for words, sometimes snarky, acerbic words, I have never in all my life had as much cynicism and snarkiness bubbling from my being as I do these days!  I hope you aren’t tiring yet of snarky snippets, for they just keep rolling right off my fingertips!  Whatever will I do if things ever return to a semi-normal state in this world?sarcasm-quote-1

Surely you jest!

This morning, when I opened The Washington Post’s website, the first headline I saw was this:

With social program fights, some in GOP fear being seen as the party of the 1 percent

And I darn near choked on my coffee!  “Seen as the party of the 1 percent”?  No, they are the party of the 1%!

“A spate of policy moves in recent weeks by Republican lawmakers and Trump…

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The Wild West???

What America is coming to, or rather sinking to.

Filosofa's Word

The United States today is beginning to look like the ‘Wild West’ if one looks closely.  A madman in the Oval Office is only the beginning.  Out on the streets, in our neighborhoods, things are happening that were unheard of just a few short years ago.

rashad jamesTake, for example, the case of African American attorney Rashad James in Maryland.  As Mr. James entered the courthouse in Harford Country, Maryland earlier this month, he was detained by a deputy who did not believe he was a lawyer and demanded proof.  Just one more in a string of cases where African-Americans have been detained or questioned by police as they went about their everyday lives, golfing, gardening, swimming, shopping, sitting in a Starbucks, leaving an Airbnb, grilling out and napping at a college.

Or, the little boy’s birthday party that was crashed by Chicago’s ‘finest’.  Didn’t hear about that one?  No wonder…

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Plaque photo art

Lovely art from Kawanee’s aunt. She and Kawanee have started this business.

Lasting Laser Art

So, we can take your favorite photo and etch it on wood. If you have a pet photo you’d like to put on a treat box or in memory of you pet, we can do that for you.

We have some ideas for them. Like your baby’s picture on a box that you can keep the first hair cut, first lost tooth, pictures and birthdays. first day of school pictures. Something you can hand down to them when they leave the nest or whenever it is right to do it.

Speaking of babies, we are working on converting ultrasound pictures into something you can hang on the wall. Working on gender reveal items. Wall art for nurseries, like toy block shapes of the baby’s initials on the front and the name, weight, length and etc on the side of the blocks. Birth certificate wall art, Carousel horses, trucks or cars…

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Book Review: Wyvern Of Wessex

Now available.

Jack Ronald Cotner

Wyvern Of Wessex

Eadwulf is back in the Sea Eagle with Bjorn and his crew in a quest to discover if Eadwulf’s father, King Beorhtwulf of Mercia, is still alive after twenty years as a slave. Bjorn’s great dragonship carries them down to the searing June temperatures and strict laws in the Moorish lands of al-Andalus. But searching for Beorhtwulf proves more difficult than they’d expected, causing them more trouble than they bargained for…

In Wessex, King Aethelred is now dead, leaving his twenty-one-year-old-brother, Alfred, to succeed to the throne. Though his succession was agreed by the witan, Alfred must now prove himself worthy of the kingship or lose it. But Wessex is in turmoil, besieged by Viking Danes intent on subjugating the kingdom – and knowing that the new king is young and inexperienced. Alfred must use all his wiles if he is to outthink and outmaneuver Guthrum, the Dane who nearly…

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The dawn chorus and too much time to think.

Jim tells how he started with his writing and also offers a couple of his novellas.

Jim Webster

The Pirates of Ersatz

I was up quite early the other morning, even for a cowman, and I was just mooching about getting stuff ready. Nothing too dramatic, just Jim wandering about on his own, sorting things out a bit, but as it was just me and I wasn’t moving cattle about, it was quiet.

So I got the dawn chorus. With us, because we have the sea so close on three sides, the first thing was the gulls. Some nights they seem to spend on the fields next to the farm. I suspect it has something to do with the state of the tide and of course the weather. With the dawn, and perhaps with the tide going out, they wanted to be up and out to sea. So they were circling and crying to each other.

They were followed by the more usual sounds, the cawing of nesting crows, the chittering of…

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Do you want flowers with that?

A story of a hideous creature carrying flowers through Port Naain. Then the offer of two books with tales of Tallis Steelyard by Jim Webster. Two excellent reviews are included.

Tallis Steelyard

Do you want flowers with that

There are any number of reasons why a gentleman should be seen walking the streets of Port Naain carrying flowers. It is possible he might be a mourner on his way to a funeral, or alternatively attending a wedding. There again, he may be a lover about to meet his beloved, or an errant husband seeking to mollify an irate wife. Or he might even be a dutiful son visiting his aged mother.

But in Port Naain such sightings elicit a certain frisson of concern, and ladies have been known to cautiously move away from the gentleman in question. Even going so far as to hide behind market stalls or to slip, hopefully unseen, up gloomy alleys they’d normally avoid.

The whole thing started with rumours of unexplained disappearances. In one of two cases there were bloodstains left on the floor. A number of husbands were arrested and released on…

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