To posh to push, and a retort stand.

An interesting explanation about a cow giving birth and the way Jim sometimes sees himself in the process. Also, a book about farm life, especially the collies who help out. There’s a review for the book from a pleased reader.

Jim Webster

retort stand

When I was at school, I took chemistry A level. I got the A level but I didn’t particularly shine. Still the practical lessons were interesting. On one occasion I was heating up this mixture in a flask. I’d done the usual agricultural level time and motion calculation and had worked out that by the time I’d put the flask down, made my way to the far end of the lab, collected a retort stand from the cupboard and walked back, I’d have finished boiling the flask anyway.

As I boiled the flask the chemistry master walked past and commented, “I trust that life holds out better opportunities for you than to be a retort stand.”

Anyway back in the real world, there is a cow calving. She’s a big lady, and in human terms might be said to be carrying a bit more weight that she should. Only she’s…

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