Do you want flowers with that?

A story of a hideous creature carrying flowers through Port Naain. Then the offer of two books with tales of Tallis Steelyard by Jim Webster. Two excellent reviews are included.

Tallis Steelyard

Do you want flowers with that

There are any number of reasons why a gentleman should be seen walking the streets of Port Naain carrying flowers. It is possible he might be a mourner on his way to a funeral, or alternatively attending a wedding. There again, he may be a lover about to meet his beloved, or an errant husband seeking to mollify an irate wife. Or he might even be a dutiful son visiting his aged mother.

But in Port Naain such sightings elicit a certain frisson of concern, and ladies have been known to cautiously move away from the gentleman in question. Even going so far as to hide behind market stalls or to slip, hopefully unseen, up gloomy alleys they’d normally avoid.

The whole thing started with rumours of unexplained disappearances. In one of two cases there were bloodstains left on the floor. A number of husbands were arrested and released on…

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