A book review for CATLING’S BANE by D. Wallace Peach.

Myths of the Mirror

I’m still on a hiatus from blogland while I pack my parents’ belongings for a move into senior housing. I’m up to my shoulders in dust, mouse turds, back pain, and boxes.

Just before I left, Karen Dowdall was wonderfully sweet to post a review of Catling’s Bane on her blog. I’m delighted to share it here.  Thank you, Karen!


Catling’s Bane, Book 1 of the Rose Shield series, offers the reader an amazing journey into a world so believable that the characters seem to come alive on the page. This beautifully written science-fiction pulled me into a world that glitters with luminosity. The author reveals this world with descriptions so vivid, so rich in detail, that we forget completely, that it is a fictional world.

It is a civilization very different than our own, yet still, very much the same, with problems of great poverty, injustice, and cruelty…

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Lost Between the Lines

More two-for-free zaniness from Russell Gayer. If you want more of this, just float to the top of the blog, paddle right, and click on one, or better, both, the book covers there. You can also help out Russell by reblogging this post from your blog as I’ve done.

What's So Funny?

Have you ever been accused of rambling? Are you the kind of person who likes to talk just to hear their head rattle? Me neither.

People like us don’t mince words. We get right to the point. If you ask us what time it is, we’re not going to spend half-a-day telling you how to build a watch.

Do you know someone who does? I bet you do. You may even live next door to one of these talk-a-holics. Let it all out. Tell me how they drive you up the wall.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, our head seamstress and fabricator of 100-word stories is Betsy Ross Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise of madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the ensemble of practicing fic-titioners in the writers in FFF Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright – Sandra…

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Don Massenzio has a new book release today, KONGO.COM. It’s a collection of four related novellas. Here is Part 1 on one of the novellas, “First Impressions”.

Author Don Massenzio

The March 29th release of my book, is tomorrow! It’s a bit different than your typical novel or short story collection. It is comprised of four related novellas that each tell a distinct story about a behemoth corporation,

It’s no secret that online organizations are part of our everyday life. The company portrayed in this book takes what we know today to the next level.

It takes place in a not to distant, potential future. The stories in this book are all based on the possible evolution of existing technology – nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and our obsession with our devices.

Leading up to the release, I’m going to tell you a bit about each novella. Three of the four were previously published on my blog as serials. these three have been enhanced and modified. The fourth story is brand new and is meant to tie the previous three…

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The Donnie & Bibi Show …

Trump’s latest move in Isreal.

Filosofa's Word

Apparently, the new trend in politics world wide is for leaders of nations to interfere with the results of the elections in other nations.  It has already been proven that Russia played a role in both Brexit and in the U.S. election of Donald Trump.  And now, perhaps Trump feels a need to “pay it forward” by interfering in Israel’s upcoming election.  Or, was Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu part of the scheme by Russia to elect Trump and he’s now repaying the favour?  Either way … he is blindly delving into a situation that he does not understand and where he has overstepped his bounds.

Briefly, Israel seized the Golan Heights area from Syria back in 1967 during the Arab-Israeli War.  Israel annexed the area in 1981 and has claimed it as their own ever since.  However, Israel’s right to the land has been in dispute and the United Nations…

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Good People Doing Good Things — An Extra-Large Batch

A lot of good people doing good things.

Filosofa's Word

Today I have a whole batch of good people for you, from a large company that went the extra mile for an ailing employee, to a group of doctors giving free care, to a community with a big heart, to a music star giving to good causes.  I figured we needed some ‘extra goodness’ today, plus I felt I should make up for skipping Jolly Monday this week, so let’s get started.

A company with heart …SainsburysSainsbury’s is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, but unlike most big corporations, they take care of their people, or at least the store in Kenton, north London does.

Ms. Salomon was only in her 50s when she was let go from her job as a bookkeeper because she had become disorganized.  Too young to retire, she applied for a job as a picker, putting together orders for online…

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The Heartbreak of a Nation

The result of too much violence and pressure on sensitive children. Just as the young prime minister of New Zealand, I think NOW is the time to talk about gun violence and control in the U.S.

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Last week was a sad one, not only for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community, but for the entire nation.  Two students, survivors of the mass shooting at the school in February 2018, have ended their lives in the past week.

Sydney-AielloThe first was Sydney Aiello, the second an as-yet-unnamed male student.  These two are victims just as much as the 17 who died on that fateful day.  How many more will there be?

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, many of the students who survived the attack rallied in protest of the United States’ current gun non-laws, and they did a fine job making their voices heard.  Those of us with live cells in our heads applauded their efforts and hoped their resistance was only the beginning.  I thought their protests would help them, knowing that they were doing something positive to try to change this nation…

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