Jack’s beautiful clematis.

Jack Ronald Cotner

I’m taking a pause (also famously known as procrastination) from writing to post a picture of my flowering clematis.

I planted this three years ago and this spring it has blossomed wonderfully.

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In Conversation With “D.Wallace Peach” from “MythsOfTheMirror🐉” #AuthorInterview

An informative and entertaining interview with fantasy author D. Wallace Peach by Himani.


Omigod! I am just so super excited to start with my Author Interview Series with one of my favourite Blogger (Myths of the Mirror) who is equally an awesome Fantasy writer. I personally like her more because she has helped me extract my (not-so-great, being humble☺) writing talent, hidden deep inside some dark corner of my heart❤ scared of coming out in front of the world😵

(Now the question in your mind would be) How she did that?🤔 Her monthly #writingprompts. If you haven’t participated yet, don’t forget to miss the next one.

I wanted to know more about her and then I thought the other Fantasy readers too, wanted that. So, here I am with this smashing Interview for you all to know more about none other than D.Wallace Peach.


1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

First, Himani, I want to…

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The celebrated Hootchy-Kootchy dancers of the north.

First, a lively and fun-filled tale of specialty dancers from the north. Next, another book of exciting and humorous adventures of Tallis Steelyard by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


I confess to being a citizen of Port Naain. Not merely do I live here, I was born here, my parents were born here, and so were my ancestors for many years before that. Thus I imbibed the culture and mores of the city with my mother’s milk. I also imbibed the little foibles of our city, such as parochialism and the tendency to look down on our neighbours.

I do not think this is purely something that pertains to Port Naain. It is my experience that those who dwell in all large metropolitan areas tend to sneer at the inhabitants of their hinterland. After some thought I came to the conclusion that it was done as a form of self-justification. Thus teachers believe in the value of education, dancers believe in the power of dance, poets will tell you, quite rightly, that poetry is essential to life, and city…

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Copping up not copping out

First, a description of widening gates. Next, a book about farm life by Jim Webster with a review by a satisfied reader.

Jim Webster


Every so often we have to widen a gateway. Actually it’s a ‘rolling process’ that has been underway on this farm for nearly a century. I can remember my father telling me that before I was born, he’d had to go round and widen all the gateways. Basically they were all only about five feet wide. This was just about enough for a horse to pull a cart through. With tractors they had to widen them again because a tractor turns differently to a horse and you need more room, even if the tractor is pulling the same implement. So they widened all the gates so they were all at least seven feet wide.

But tractors got bigger. Now if you were turning into a field from a main road, a gateway seven feet wide was perhaps still possible. But here we have to work in narrow lanes, so the…

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Peru’s Sulas~

Photos by Cindy Knoke of different types of sulas, or boobies.

Sulas, more commonly known as boobies live on both the Palomino and Ballestas Islands off the coast of Peru. This is picturesque Pisco Harbor, gateway to Islas Ballestas.

There are six different types of sula species. They are commonly called boobies because of the comical method in which they land, often stumbling over their large feet, and because they were incorrectly assumed to be not be very intelligent. These are quite smart Peruvian Booby adults and juveniles on Islas Ballestas.

Peruvian Boobies are confined to areas near The Humboldt Current, in Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

They have pure white heads and chests.

Blue Footed Boobies have brown heads and the famous blue feet. 50% of them live in the Galapagos.

The rest are distributed from the Gulf of California to Peru.

Sulas are rather tame birds, and will let a cautious and respectful visitor approach closely.

Cheers to you from…

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The Joys of Watching Moss

Two more humorous stories for the sensible price of free. If you enjoyed this merriment, rise to the top of the post and click on one or both of the book covers on the right. You can also share by reblogging this post as I’ve done.

What's So Funny?

Since retiring, I’ve had to brush up on some of the skills I hadn’t used in a while. There’s always something to do around here and it’s really helps to be incompetent. If not, chances are I’ll be assigned more chores than I care to perform.

Being incompetent takes a lot of forethought and planning for most people, but for me, it just seems to come naturally. When I size up a task or project, I don’t even have to think about how to screw it up. It just happens. How’d I get to be so lucky?

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the cat-herder who drives this clowder of 100-word authors is Jessie Chisholm Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise of madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the ensemble of practicing fic-titioners in the writers in FFF Hollywood Squares…

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Free, Free, Free

Another FREE book. It’s FREE from 24th April to 28th April.

Dragons Rule OK. V.M.Sang (author)


Did you get your FREE copy of The Never-Dying Man? Now you can get Book 3, Wolf Moon free from today. 24th April until Sunday 28th April.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out what happens to the other members of Wolf who escaped in The Never-Dying Man.

The group called Wolf have been enlisted into the Erian Army against their will, and they soon learn that an invasion is planned into their homeland of Grosmer.

As the heroes make their escape, they accidentally stumble upon an old Dwarven city, and become friends with them.

Facing enemies on all sides, the five must find where their loyalties lie, and save their homeland from certain destruction.

You can get Wolf Moon by clicking here, or on the picture.

If you want to buy the other books in the series click here for The Wolf Pack (book 1)

or here to…

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