An eye to the future – by Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster)…

An amusing and interesting tale about a fortune teller from the memories of Tallis Steelyard and a couple books on offer written by Jim Webster

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Port Naain has its share of prophets. I’ve mentioned Mistress Mollina previously; she was appointed Prophet of Aea in her Aspect as the personification of Hypocrisy. For those who never heard the story it’s at:

But these prophets concentrate on ‘forthtelling’ rather than ‘foretelling’. Any prophecy they come up with is the sort your mother was fond of. “Carry on like that young man and you will come to a bad end.” They hold up a mirror to the city and allow us to see it in all its grubby degradation and shame. They serve a useful purpose. Occasionally people in power listen to
them and change things. Perhaps more often people who are not in power listen to them and live their own lives a bit differently. The most common result in those at the bottom realise that they are not forgotten, and that they still matter. So they walk a little taller and hold their heads…

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