Tallis Steelyard . Deep Waters  And Other  Stories. and .  Tallis Steelyard Playing  The Game  And Other  Stories . 

An amusing and exciting story about composers and their efforts aided by Tallis Steelyard the poet. Also, Jim Webster has two of his equally amusing and exciting books of adventures featuring Tallis.


Hello everyone I am delighted to announce that I have the honour to once again be part of a Jim Webster Blog Tour . This time we are invited to investigate Tallis Steelyard . Deep Waters And Other Stories. and . Tallis Steelyard Playing The Game And Other Stories .

Here is the route of the blog tour.

Stevie Turner


A significant gesture

Monday 8th April

Chris Graham


An eye to the future

Tuesday 9th April

Robbie Cheadle


Butterfly net

Wednesday 10th April

Ritu Bhathal


Getting rich moderately rapidly

Thursday 11th April

Willow Willers


In tune with the Zeitgeist

Friday 12thApril

Colleen Chesebro


Learning a role

Saturday 13th April

suzanne joshi


Love letters

Sunday 14th April

Ashlynn Waterstone



Monday 15th April

Annette Rochelle Aben


Mother mine

Tuesday 16th April

Lynn Hallbrooks


No strutting or…

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