Shopping at Sakes

First, an interesting, exciting, and humorous tale of a dress shop owner who made good. Next, other adventurous tales by Tallis Steelyard in a book by Jim Webster. A review by a satisfied reader is included.

Tallis Steelyard

Shopping at Sakes

Sakes was one of those lady’s dress shops which nobody really talked about. No lady in Port Naain ever swept into a room in a new gown and announced, “This is what I got from Sakes.” On the other hand many ladies would whisper to a friend, “Nip into Sakes with that, he’ll get it right.”

One wet and miserable day, Sakes appeared in the city and started his shop. He came from nowhere, knew nobody, and just purchased a shop on Ropewalk, cash down, and opened it as a dress shop. I always felt that there had to be a story behind this. Sakes himself was impossible to place. He affected a somewhat superior Port Naain accent. He was in some ways rather effete in his manner but this seemed to be designed to reassure his clientele that he wasn’t lusting after them. Certainly he and his wife had…

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