What we’ve been up to!

Kawanee and her aunt have been busy with this new business.

Lasting Laser Art

Hello to all you beautiful WordPressers,

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for us. We signed up and are participating in a local business Expo. That had us scrambling to perfect our existing products, coming up with new things.

And did we ever! One thing I can say about this company is there is never a shortage of ideas. As the office manager, I often have to rein in the ideas or we’d run amok.

We have some working designs but with the Expo coming up they were deemed “not good enough” and reworked. Sadly with the reworking, I don’t think the carriages will be available in time.

Every week has it’s new challenges and triumphs. We painted and stained until wee hours of the morning. Built display cases and ran the laser non-stop. We had a tornado come through and lost power for a day, then the…

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