Dang it! I am not okay…

Kawanee is still having depression problems.

This is a long post… I am sorry, but I just have to tell someone. I need to put these words out there, or I’ll lose it. Maybe I already have…. maybe I’ve snapped? I dunno. I’m cold and shaking as I’m typing this now. I’ve been this way for over 3 hrs. I want to fall apart and not deal with this stuff. I told my son, I want this to end…. but it doesn’t. It won’t. What do you do with this? How do you cope when nothing makes sense? And just when you think it’s okay, things are on a stable course, it’s manageable…  I get sucker punched and have a full-on meltdown, panic attack or anxiety or something in the middle of the store. Dealing with all this kind of feels like trying to herd cats.

So, here’s the deal. It’s coming up on that part…

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