On the fiddle

First, a delightful Tallis Steelyard story about a street urchin who betters himself while helping others. Next, a book by Jim Webster on offer that’s a murder mystery. A great review by a satisfied reader follows.

Tallis Steelyard


As usual I am grateful to Mutt for the way he has advanced my education. He came back to the barge one evening in a state that I can only describe as euphoric. Shena and I watched him carefully during our evening meal in case he was under the influence of some narcotic but other than being courtesy personified there were no worrying symptoms.

It was at the end of the meal that he finally told us of his news. You’ll have realised by now that Mutt has any number of younger children for whom he finds occasional employment, sometimes legitimate. More importantly he feeds them. Admittedly he feeds them through an intriguing mixture of petty theft and extortion but still, he feeds them.

Apparently, when he had provided a loaf and some cheese to one of his companions, the grateful child had replied, “You’re Gaspar reborn, you are.”


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2 thoughts on “On the fiddle

  1. Keep them busy was my answer when mine were young. I just had to check on them. My daughter was quiet for a while once and we ended up with a wall with bunnies drawn all over it. They were actually good bunnies. She was quite the artist for two years old. 🙂 — Suzanne

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