Every so often they let me travel

First, Jim Webster tells of a trip to London and situations there. Next, he has a witty book on offer that tells of country and farm life in South Cumbria, U.K. There’s a good review for it also.

Jim Webster

You know what it is, every so often somebody leaves the door unbolted, and before they know it, I’m away.

Actually with me it’s more a case of every so often people remember me and ask me to come down to London for a meeting. Therefore my aim is to ensure that I attend the meetings and then get to view the finest sight in London. This is a Virgin Pendolino destined for Glasgow. Best viewed from the inside of Coach B as it pulls out of Euston.

Still I got to London and had to stay overnight, so got to mooch about and discover various things. One was Golden Turmeric Latte. Who ever knew it was even a thing? I confess to not actually trying it, the sign was outside a coffee shop rather more exclusive than I am. Still, it’s good to know that London, apparently the one…

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2 thoughts on “Every so often they let me travel

  1. It boggles the mind doesn’t it. I wonder if that cafe is run by Indians. They use the spice turmeric for other things than food including as a germ killer and to chase bugs here. The bugs hate it and it kills the germs. I bought some plasters (bandaids in the U.S.) once that had turmeric embedded in the center pad. 🙂 — Suzanne


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