Hanging Out w/ Transients~

Cindy Knoke’s photos of the gorgeous orcas of the northwest.

Here they are coming over to say, “Hello!”

These orcas are part of a transient pod that hunt mammals in the waters off the coast of northern Washington.

This area used to be the territory of healthy pods of resident, salmon eating orcas. Many of these resident whales are now starving because their principal food source, salmon, have declined dramatically.

Their territorial waters are being taken over by transient whales who hunt local seals and seal lions.

Resident salmon eating orcas, and transient mammal eating orcas have evolved separately, speak different languages (yes, whales have languages), and have different behaviors and social structures.

The starvation of the resident orcas of the pacific northwest is yet another environmental tragedy endangering the lives of wild species.

Above you see a mother and calf kissing each other.

Then Mama and baby both decide to do a upside-down-under-boat-swim, so close to the hull …

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4 thoughts on “Hanging Out w/ Transients~

  1. Thanks, B. Yes, one more animal to add to that sad statistic. I saw on CNN that the African country of Botswana is allowing the shooting of elephants again and the president of Brazil is fine with the cutting down of the Amazon rain forest. 😦 — Suzanne


  2. You’re more than welcome, Cindy. Besides Botswana, we have the president of Brazil okay with the cutting down of the Amazon rainforest. It’s enough to make a sensitive person ill. If it’s done, we’ll all become ill from the lack of breathable air. 😦 — Suzanne


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