Memorial Day & Millenials

Let us not forget.

Take It Or Leave It

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

These days in America, that question could be received by many different answers, depending on who you ask.

Before you pass this article by in disgust, let it be known that I’ll first address what Memorial Day seems to mean to more & more millennials, before I delve into the true meaning for the remainder of us.

If you asked a group of one hundred random people, their meaning of Memorial Day, chances are that at least half or possibly more would give explanations that would shock you to your core. If not shock you, they would at least disturb you.

To more & more younger minds these days, Memorial Day means something along these lines…

“It’s a day off from school and work”. “It’s the first day of my summer”. “It’s the day when thirty racks of Bud are buy one get…

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4 thoughts on “Memorial Day & Millenials

  1. To me it means The Real Fathers’ Day as so many dads died protecting their families and their country – and that’s what fathers do – take care of people – their families, the old, the young, the vulnerable. Thanks to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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  2. Thanks, PM. Many in the service were that way even when they came home. My dad was always that way. He saw to the funerals of the family members who went before him and then I saw to his. He was in the U.S. Navy before, during, and after WWI. —- Suzanne

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  3. The incredible value and price of our American freedom is something we should be eager to share with our children.

    I cringe at the thought of my Grandfather hearing one of these kids say “it’s a day out of school” or “a day at the lake”.

    I actually had an interesting run in with one from this young generation yesterday. I simply had to post about it as soon as I got home.

    “Oh My Dear Darlin Millennial”

    Thank you so much for the post.

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  4. You’re most welcome, I think it’s lovely a flag is placed by my dad’s grave marker every year. I availed myself of the free grave marker the government furnishes veterans. I then bought a matching marker for my mother when she passed. 🙂 — Suzanne


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