Memorial Day & Millenials

Let us not forget.

Take It Or Leave It

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

These days in America, that question could be received by many different answers, depending on who you ask.

Before you pass this article by in disgust, let it be known that I’ll first address what Memorial Day seems to mean to more & more millennials, before I delve into the true meaning for the remainder of us.

If you asked a group of one hundred random people, their meaning of Memorial Day, chances are that at least half or possibly more would give explanations that would shock you to your core. If not shock you, they would at least disturb you.

To more & more younger minds these days, Memorial Day means something along these lines…

“It’s a day off from school and work”. “It’s the first day of my summer”. “It’s the day when thirty racks of Bud are buy one get…

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Hanging Out w/ Transients~

Cindy Knoke’s photos of the gorgeous orcas of the northwest.

Here they are coming over to say, “Hello!”

These orcas are part of a transient pod that hunt mammals in the waters off the coast of northern Washington.

This area used to be the territory of healthy pods of resident, salmon eating orcas. Many of these resident whales are now starving because their principal food source, salmon, have declined dramatically.

Their territorial waters are being taken over by transient whales who hunt local seals and seal lions.

Resident salmon eating orcas, and transient mammal eating orcas have evolved separately, speak different languages (yes, whales have languages), and have different behaviors and social structures.

The starvation of the resident orcas of the pacific northwest is yet another environmental tragedy endangering the lives of wild species.

Above you see a mother and calf kissing each other.

Then Mama and baby both decide to do a upside-down-under-boat-swim, so close to the hull …

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Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Fiction Favorites

Well, here we are on the cusp of a Memorial Day weekend. If we were at the coast, the store would have been visited, supplies laid in, and our loins girded for another onslaught. There would be drunks, illegal fireworks, bottles, and cans everywhere. A walk on the beach impossible without confronting, loose dogs, loud music, and city folks who believe littering is a God-given right.

But, we are not on the coast. We are in a quiet neighborhood where the cardinals and doves make up the bulk of the noise. Oh, sure there is a stray motorboat sound but nothing like a three-tier boombox putting out decibel levels to rival the Blue Angels at a five hundred foot flyover.

In short, we intend to honor those who made the mayhem at the coast possible. Those who felt a higher calling than the preservation of their own life.  We will…

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So, I did a thing….

Kawanee did something in memory of her husband.

I filed to have hubby’s name added to a chip and sent to Mars on the Mars rover in 2020. They say it will launch in July, which is our anniversary month. No matter what they say or do with the application, in my heart it’s there.

He was so into physics and the laws of the universe, he loved science and was a Braniac from the planet Smarto or a freaking Vulcan. Either way, this is right up his alley.

hubby on mars

Love ya!


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The Negotiator

Another couple of stories at the unbelievable price of FREE. Russell is hard at work on his Degree in Laziness and Procrastination and has news of secret negotiations in Israel. If you want to spread this valuable and hilarious news, just reblog this material from your post as I’ve done. If you want more of this hilarity, just travel up and to the left of this post and click on one or both of the book covers there.

What's So Funny?

The month of May is filled with graduation ceremonies for everything from kindergarten to Masters Degrees. Sadly, I’m still a few credits short of earning my diploma from Hard Knocks University.

According to my professor, Dr. Lamebrain Peabody, the problem lies in my ability to write a decent essay. Both of my term papers, “Getting Old is Not Sissies,” and “The 6 Things They Don’t Tell You About Retirement,” failed to adequately expose the hazards of aging. It looks like it’ll be three more years of trying to “pin the tail on the donkey” before I earn a degree in Laziness and Procrastination.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the leader of our gang is the diminutive, yet feisty, Lilly Putian Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF  Hollywood Squares Authors Block click…

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MYTHAXIS: A new concept online magazine

An online magazine looking for stories from authors.


From Daniel Scott White, publisher of Longshot Island, Unreal, and Unfit, comes a new Fantasy Magazine project, Mythaxis.

This offers an exciting opportunity to bloggers and writers (including published authors) in the Fantasy genre. Daniel is looking for submissions to be included, and this explains how it works.

We want stories that are well written, intelligent, and enjoyable to read. We are looking for stories with metaphors and emotional ambiance and imaginative descriptive writing.

Getting Published Online

Submit your story using the form below. Just copy and paste it from your file into the content box in the form, where it says “Post Content”.

For your story to be published online, you must have a book that you’re selling. Include the link to your book in the form, where it says “Your URL”.

In exchange for your story, we’ll promote your book on this site (and elsewhere: newsletter, social media…

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