Back to the future? …

Sue’s latest news on her son’s garden taking shape.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

When I left for the north, my son’s garden was already being stripped back to basics. I was curious to see what might have been done by the time I got back. It had all looked fine before the work started… but beneath the surface of the decking, the garden was rotting and had to be ripped out and replaced.

It was a catalogue of errors that was revealed as the process of stripping the old garden back had begun. Possibly the worst ‘oversight’ was the bridge… with none of its supporting posts even touching the ground, let alone being sensibly concreted into place. We had been going to leave it in… but seeing how little was supporting it changed the plans.

The fish, though, seem to like their new ‘open plan’ pond. There is a lot of speeding around and jumping out to see what is going on… or…

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