Walking a Roman Road

Walking a Roman road.

Walking the Old Ways

DSCF1408There’s a quiet stretch of Roman road in Cumbria’s Eden Valley which we often walk, part of the greater Roman road that crosses the Pennines through the Stainmore Gap – in its day one of the most important highways in the Roman Empire.

This stretch of just a few miles runs from Appleby in Westmorland, starting at Fair Hill, where the Gypsies camp at the famous horse fair. Fair Hill now, but it was once Gallows Hill where victims of the Appleby courtroom where sent to be hanged. The farm nearby has the sinister name of Hangingshaw, but whether that comes from public executions or takes the title from its geographical position I’m not sure.

When I say walking the Roman road, we are of course only following the line, the original surface must be a foot or two lower down, hence my frustration in never finding the odd Roman…

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