The danger of losing one’s shirt

A lively and humorous tale by Tallis Steelyard of an enterprising and well educated young woman. Also, the schedule for the present blog tour.

Tallis Steelyard


I have noticed over the years that young ladies who are brought up with a litter of older brothers tend to exhibit certain masculine traits. Prominent among them are a casual attitude to mindless violence and the ability to rapidly come up with a scathing riposte when they feel they are being mocked.
Girls with younger brothers rarely gain these mannerisms. They tend to exhibit gravitas, elegance, and associate with adults rather than their brawling siblings. Similarly if there are two or more sisters, they can combine to crush their male siblings with words of lofty contempt. It is the girl on her own with nothing but older brothers whose bearing and behaviour are changed.

Maljie didn’t have older brothers, or none that she knew off. Given her mother’s forgetfulness there was always the possibility that one or more might appear. But notional brothers, only theoretically present, do not offer…

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