The dark machinations of Flontwell Direfountain by Jim Webster #BlogTour #Fantasy #Stories #Books

Another story addition to the Gentlemen Behaving Badly blog tour. First, there is a hilarious and wise tale by Tallis Steelyard about a young widow with teenage daughters in need of guidance. She gets it from a family friend. Next, there are two reasonably priced books on offer by Jim Webster about the amusing adventures of various characters in Port Naain. One book also has instructions for writers on writing and marketing books.

Waterstone Way

Image for "The dark machinations of Flontwell Direfountain" by Jim WebsterIt is my great honor to share hosting duties in the ongoing blog tour for Jim Webster. Today’s story is:

 The dark machinations of Flontwell Direfountain.

On occasion I ask myself whether Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Justice has a rather dark sense of humour. Certainly there are times when I suspect I have heard her chuckle quietly as she deals with one situation and then turns to the next. Thus it was in the case of Madam Galathrong and her two daughters.

Madam had been married young, had her children young and then sadly, had been widowed young. Thus she had been left to bring up her two daughters, Alisen and Melisen on her own. To be fair her late husband had left her very comfortably provided, so they didn’t want for anything in a material sense. Her daughters were perhaps nineteen and seventeen when our…

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