Open Mouth, Insert Foot — Part I

Now there has been an insult to Sweden.

Filosofa's Word

This week, Donald Trump managed to royally piss off two of our allies, Sweden and India.  Say what you will about Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama, even George Bush, both Jr. and Sr., but not a single one of them were as adept at making enemies out of friends as Trump is.  It’s no wonder he didn’t have any friends as a child!

ASAP-rapper Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky

First, Sweden.  Turns out there’s a rapper known as A$AP Rocky (real name is Rakim Mayers) who went to Sweden earlier this month on tour and got himself in a bit of trouble.  It seems there was a street brawl and he and members of his entourage assaulted another individual, throwing the man, Mustafa Jafari, to the ground, then hitting and kicking him.  He and two others were arrested and are being held pending trial, which is scheduled to begin…

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