It’s Past Time For Resisters Against Trump To Join Mass Protest, On 21st Of September 2019

What hate speech leads to.

Gronda Morin

The word is out. A mass protest is being scheduled for the 21st of September 2019 in Washington DC. I have already booked my SW flight and a Washington DC hotel room. My sign won’thave enough space to list all my grievances against the republican President Donald Trump and his GOP cronies.

@Amy_Siskind tweeted following on 8/8/2019:

We are a go! WE THE PEOPLE MARCH in DC on September 21!

@KarMcR and I are working with fab volunteers to get a website up in next few days. We will list solidarity marches, transport folks are arranging to get to DC & info on the march itself, etc. Stay tuned! #WeThePeopleMarch


10:45 AM · Aug 8, 2019·Twitter Web App
Replying to @Amy_Siskind and @KarMcR
“Mission: “We the People are marching to be seen and heard. We are marching to remind our elected officials that they work for us…

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