The view from the top

First, there’s an amusing and adventurous tale by Tallis Steelyard of a young woman testing out a trip by balloon. Next, Jim Webster has offered another amusing and reasonably-priced small book of other tales from Tallis Steelyard’s home of Port Naain.

Tallis Steelyard

The view from the top

When Maljie finally returned to Port Naain after her sojourn in Uttermost Partann, she pondered her ballooning experiences. As a form of travel she was quite taken by it and felt that if she could introduce other people to it, they too would enjoy it. But how? Also she had learned very early on in her aeronautical career that balloons are not easily steered.

This mattered because she had come up with a plan which she felt would both make money and provide an invaluable service. She would provide balloon transport from the west of Port Naain to the east. So she would pick up her passengers near the Nightbell Battery and drop them off in the eastern most reaches of Dilbrook. Her passengers could gasp in wonder at the city laid out below them, marvel at its grandeur and drink stimulating infusions before alighting and getting the tramway back.

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