The water fountain of Ortal Dreen.

First, a historic tale of a fountain famous for its past and promises. Next a comedic mystery book on offer at a most reasonable price by Jim Webster featuring Tallis’s friend Benor the cartographer. A good review by a pleased reader follows.

Tallis Steelyard


On the back road which winds, somewhat uncertainly, between Avitas on one side of Partann, and Prae Ducis on the other, lies the village of Oridwick. It is barely a village, more a hamlet, but it’s a pleasant enough place, and the Inn there, the Dreamers of Oridwick, is known for both the quality of its ale and its generosity towards poets. Thus and so, with that one line I have repaid a little of my debt to the landlord.

But the glory of Oridwick is the water fountain of Ortal Dreen. Ortal Dreen was the third king of the Dreen dynasty which ruled over all Partann perhaps two thousand years ago, perhaps a little less. It ruled from the Cape of Sighs in the south, all the way north to where the mountains meet the coast. For the Dreen dynasty, Port Naain was just another of the cities of…

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