Hi guys.

Kawanee has been having some problems again.

It’s been a rough time. Someone that’s been there for me since hubby passed away and  was there for me in the middle of the night and was someone I could be wildly inappropriate with suddenly passed away.

Mom’s mental issues are getting worse and I’ve been focused on trying to get my aunt’s business off the ground. Her husband had a health scare and had surgery that then turned into a new problem that put him in the hospital. He’s not working and the business isn’t taking off the way we’d hoped. I know it takes time, but that’s not something we have on our side right now.

I’m looking for a job. I’ve been working on my editing and I’ve taken on some freelance work hoping to have a decent Christmas this year. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, (once again) no matter how hard I…

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