Wednesday Story Day – We Must Remember

Let us never forget.

Fiction Favorites

9 11 AP Photo/Carmen Taylor

Usually, I would have an episode of my continuing story during this time, but this is not the day for a fictional story.

This is the day to remember an actual horror at the hands of those who hate America and the freedoms for which we stand. Today is the day to remember the innocent victims of this hate.

  • We should remember the citizens of the world who were terminated for merely being on American soil.
  • We should remember the American citizens who were going about their daily life, not knowing this would be their last.
  • We should remember the first responders who heroically attempted to save their fellow human beings, even knowing their lives were in danger.
  • We should remember the passengers innocently riding in what would become weapons of mass destruction and those who valiantly fought back against their kidnappers.
  • We should remember those who…

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