A cosy dinner for three

First, a tale by Tallis Steelyard about a painting that caused two law firms to sue each other. Next, a book on offer by Jim Webster with various stories about Tallis and selling at a most reasonable price. A review by a pleased reader is included.

writers co-op

– by Jim Webster

+++I suppose that in one way, poets and painters have one specific thing in common. We sketch out the original work, then we work away at it until it is mostly finished. Finally comes the endless tweaking to get it just right. So if I mention that Julatine Sypent can be something of a perfectionist you can imagine that this latter part of the process takes some time.
+++This isn’t something that ordinarily matters. A twee cottage isn’t going to get bored if you sit painting it for a full week. On the other hand when he moved to portraits, some sitters grew restive. Still it wasn’t as if Julatine hid this aspect of his personality. Nobody who hired him to paint them could claim that it came as a surprise. Everybody in society knew that if you wanted your likeness painted by Julatine…

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2 thoughts on “A cosy dinner for three

  1. I can understand that. One standup comic mc said if people couldn’t take pictures of their meals and post them on Instagram they would have to walk from table to table showing the food to other diners. 😀 — Suzanne


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