An interview with Tallis Steelyard

First, a lively interview with Tallis Steelyard in which you learn a great deal about him. He also includes a romantic tale of his. There are also two books by his friend Jim Webster on offer. The first book gives helpful advice for writers and other stories. The second book is about a group of young ladies who cause a serious problem which is finally resolved. Reviews by satisfied readers are included.

Tallis Steelyard


It’s not often Tallis agrees to be interviewed, indeed he’s often somewhat reticent when it comes to answering questions about his past. Still on this occasion, perhaps because the wine was better than average or the company was such as to encourage loquacity, he seems to have opened up a little. Yet to be fair, even here, he manages to ensure we learn more about Virgilio and how he and the lady of his dreams eloped, than we do about Tallis himself.

The original was on that fine website,


 This week it is my pleasure to interview Tallis Steelyard. Would you please introduce yourself to my readers and share something about your life.


I am Tallis Steelyard, poet. I live in the remarkable metropolis of Port Naain where I make a precarious living writing works for my patrons, performing (and indeed organising their various soirees…

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