Getting what I needed: :) Happy Post

Kawanee goes shopping.

So, let me tell you guys something. I haven’t done the doorbuster day after thanksgiving day thing since Pokemon cards came out. Oh, wait. It was in 2003… I got a computer that was on sale… anyways!

This year, they finally had something I was willing to brave the crowds for. Ready for this? An air fryer! My cousin had a fancy kitchen doohicky (don’t worry, the translation is at the bottom of the post) instead of frying food with grease, it does it with superheated air and is healthier for you. I have wanted one for a year or so but they are expensive and I wasn’t sure I’d use it and couldn’t justify the expenditure. Now, this local store had one for $20! Heck yeah, that I can do… and if I don’t use it, I won’t feel horrible about spending the money on it BECAUSE if you…

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