Guess who’s back? (again..)

Kawanee is slowly healing.

Hey guys…

Been dealing with a few things, looking for work, sorting my mind and house and kind of living a life offline a bit. I’m back in counseling, I really like her. She’s pretty smart and I think it’s helping. I’ve been getting better and better. Still not 100% but yeah, I feel like I’m turning a corner.

Had some interesting dreams this year, the kind that let me know that I’m healing. Hopeful dreams, visitation dreams… I’m doing the things I should’ve been doing. Getting back into a routine.

This road is curvy and I never know what is around the bend and sometimes it’s downright foggy but I’m muddling through. I navigate it the only way I know how… carefully and slowly but sometimes way too fast. I’m getting better. 🙂

My counselor thinks I should make a podcast or a youtube channel to work through things…

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