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Good People Doing Good Things, Christmas Edition

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Last week, I wrote about a couple who bought an old ship and turned it into a hospital ship, serving the poor far and wide.  A noble effort, for sure, but also one that few of us could match.  This week, I write about a few people … just average people like you and me … doing little things on a daily basis that mean so much to others.

Ed Higinbotham is a self-taught craftsman who took up woodworking as a hobby. Initially, he says he just wanted something to keep his hands busy, but toymaking soon turned into a passion.  Ed is 93 years old and lives in Georges Township, Pennsylvania, where he has a workshop in his home.  Every day, he spends eight hours in that workshop making toys.  And what, you might ask, does he do with all those toys?

higinbotham-1higinbotham-2higinbotham-3He donates them to homeless shelters and…

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The Measure Of A Man …

Hold them accountable.

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In my 68 years, presidents have come, and presidents have gone.  Some have been better than others in one area or another.  None have been perfect … nor will any ever be, for it is a job in which decisions must be made without having perfect information, leading a nation of people with differing opinions in many areas.  Harry S. Truman was president when I was born, and there have been eleven since, not counting the current office-holder, whom I refuse to refer to by that title.

But never, since the founding of this nation, has there been such a corrupt, power-hungry president than we have today.  Making it worse, however, is that in the second line of defense, the U.S. Congress, we also have far too many corrupt senators and representatives. When I say ‘corrupt’, in this case, I mean selfish, greedy, putting their own best interests ahead of…

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Just A Bill … Sittin’ Here On Capital Hill

Things in the Senate need to get moving and get done.

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Last Saturday night, a Police Sergeant in Houston, Texas, was killed when he responded to a call of domestic abuse.  The officer was Sergeant Christopher Brewster, he was 32 years old, and now he is irrevocably dead.  Just another statistic?  There is the danger, that with more than 36,000 gun fatalities already this year, each one becomes just another statistic.

But Houston Chief of Police, Art Acevedo, has seen enough and he is angry …art-acevedo

“We all know in law enforcement that one of the biggest reasons that the Senate and Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn and Ted Cruz are not … getting the Violence Against Women Act reauthorized is because the NRA doesn’t like the fact that we want to take firearms out of the hands of boyfriends who abuse their girlfriends.  And who killed our sergeant? A boyfriend abusing his girlfriend.”

H.R. 1585: The Violence Against Women Reauthorization…

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Good People Doing Good Things — Don Stephens, Et Al …

Good people doing good things.

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I’d like to introduce you to Don Stephens, founder of Mercy Ships.


Back in 1978, Don and his wife Deyon purchased an ocean liner, the Victoria, for scrap value of $1 million.  It took them four years to convert the retired ocean liner into the hospital ship MV Anastasis. Anastasis sailing at seaThe 9-deck, 522-foot ship was equipped with three operating rooms, a dental clinic, an x-ray machine, a laboratory and 40 patient beds.  Since then, they have outfitted three other ships for the same purpose, with a fourth in the making.  And what, you may be wondering, is that purpose? 

The purpose is to provide humanitarian aid like free health care, community development projects, community health education, mental health programs, agriculture projects, and palliative care for terminally ill patients.  Mercy Ships has operated in more than 57 developing nations and 18 developed nations around the world, with a current focus on the…

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Walking the Dalemain Loop – Ullswater Way

Walking the Dalemain Loop.

Walking the Old Ways

One of the tragedies of Storm Desmond was the loss of the historic Pooley Bridge, below Ullswater. We were there just before the storm admiring the beautiful old bridge, little realising that it would soon be swept away. Now a new, modern bridge is being built across the River Eamont. It looks very nice, but modern. So sad, but I am glad that the little community at Pooley Bridge will have a bridge back.

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110 Dacre Castle

These thoughts were very much in my mind as we walked from there the other day, exploring the Dalemain Loop of the Ullswater Way. The Way, circling Ullswater, was created in response to Storm Desmond, and a brilliant walk it is too. We walked the whole way a couple of years ago, but the two loops away from the lake, around Lowther (see blogs passim) and around the policies of Dalemain House are…

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Fire from heaven

Types of light.

The Silent Eye

nick north days 075

There was supposed to be a meteor shower. The moon would not be bright enough to drown the display of cascading stars with its light and the skies over the village are but gently lit. The light pollution here is perhaps as minimal as you will find close to the homes of a densely populated land.

It seems odd speaking of light of any kind as a pollutant. This, however, is not a natural phenomenon, but the fabricated, sulphurous pall that hangs over our habitations. It is a paltry imitation of the light of the heavens that, by a strange irony, prevents us seeing the sky. The delicacy of the stars is drowned by the glow of the city. The greater the volume of our invention, the less we see the source of our inspiration.

I stand at the back door, staring into the night, pondering. The dog patrols the…

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