Two Guys Speak …

Two popular guys discuss Trump.

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Today, I decided to let a couple of guys speak for me … two of my favourites, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers, for they are far funnier than I am!

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The Downward Slide …

Are we becoming a banana republic?

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I ask you to watch the following short (just over 3 minutes) video clip by Robert Reich, explaining six ways in which the United States is becoming less like an industrialized nation and more like a third world, or developing nation.  Take a look, and then we’ll talk a bit about it.

To that, I would add a couple:

  • Gun violence – The U.S. leads the developed world in firearm-related murders, and the difference isn’t a slight gap – more like a chasm. According to United Nations data, the U.S. has 20 times more murders than the developed world average. Our murder rate also dwarfs many developing nations, like Iraq, which has a murder rate less than half ours. More than half of the deadliest mass shootings documented in the past 50 years around the world occurred in the United States, and 73 percent of the killers in the U.S…

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Good People Doing Good Things — For Planet Earth

Good people doing good things for the Earth.

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Today, in light of how very critical our environment is becoming as evidenced by the horrific Australian bushfires that have been burning since last June, I went in search of good people who are doing good things, small and large, for the environment.  Not surprisingly, I found some to share with you …

They call him “Forest Man”, but his name is Jadav Payeng.  Jadav has planted a tree every single day for 40 years and now this man-made forest that was once a landscape devastated by erosion is bigger than Central Park!  Now this incredible forest is home to hundreds of elephants, rhinos, boars, reptiles, and birds. This botanical-enthusiast says he is planning to plant trees until his “last breath”.

“Nature is God. It gives me inspiration. It gives me power … As long as it survives, I survive.”

Mr. Payeng has been featured on a Tedx Talks, and…

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Clarification on comma usage with “but”

On comma usage.

When Do You Use A Comma Before Or After But?


Hello, my presser friends and authors!

So I was looking at a Twitter post about the problem with Social Media book promoting right now. To summarize, people are upset over the data breaches, the political ads and general nonsense of the people who run the sites. This means people are switching over to new social media sites to promote their books. I’ll save you some reading, the article suggests LinkedIn and Pintrest. I’m already using those sites, so I figure I’m good to go. 🙂

Now in the corner of the article, there were some helpful writing and grammar tips. Naturally, I gravitated to them and read a few that piqued my interest.

When to use a Comma with “But” clears up one of the problems I’ve had. That being said, the writer points out a…

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Some lovely pictures of birds along with extracts of poems from Cindy Knoke.

is the thing with feathers,

(seagulls fishing Washington state)

that perches in the soul,

(puffin in the open ocean off Washington state)

and sings the tune without the words,

and never stops, at all.

(Steller’s jay California).

I’ve heard it in the chillest land,

and on the strangest sea,

(dark-eyed junco California)

yet never in extremity,

(American robin Washington state)

it asked a crumb of me.

(red winged blackbird Washington state)

Cheers to you from Emily & her winged harbingers of hope~

Poem extracts, ‘Hope is the Thing With Feathers,’ Emily Dickinson.

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I’m feeling pretty good today.

Kawanee has had some positive things in her life and is feeling better.

Hey Presser Friends!

So, I am feeling quite lovely today. It’s raining, sleeting, grey and super cold but I am feeling lovely despite all that. 🙂 Why? Well, I’m glad you asked cause I was about to tell ya!

So I got woke up by an awesome call that I won my fight with the previous company I worked for. There was supposed to be an appointment tomorrow, but when I requested the information that was in the file, the company got a copy too. I think they took one look at the evidence I presented and dropped what they were doing.

It’s not much, but it will take some pressure off of my back. Especially since my son was affected by the same situation and he will win too. This means some added income back into the house. Much needed income since I haven’t exactly been paid since Thanksgiving…

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