My Robin Hood Books on sale this week…

Robin Hood books on sale this week.

Walking the Old Ways

Not walking news, but very much inspired by the English countryside.

So, if you fancy a post walk read, here we are…

All four of my Robin Hood novels are on sale this week in Britain and America for your Kindle – or download a free Kindle App for your phone or tablet. 

Just £3.96 for the four books, or the equivalent in dollars.

They are also out in paperback.

Here’s the link… 

From Book 1: 1198 A.D A hooded man brings rebellion to the forest…
Lionheart’s England, with the King fighting in Normandy… For the oppressed villagers of Sherwood there is no escape from persecution and despair. They exist under the sufferance of their brutal overlords.

When a mysterious stranger saves a miller’s son from cruel punishment, the Sheriff of Nottingham sends the ruthless Sir Guy of Gisborne to hunt him down.

His past life destroyed…

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