…Ellwyn Autumn – a sensible approach to senses for Authors…

On the use of the five senses by Seumas’ guest writer Ellwyn Autumn.

Seumas Gallacher

…here’s a terrific piece from my friend, Authoress, Ellwn Autumn, on how we scribblers can ‘show, not tell‘, through awareness of our five senses… enjoy…
Story Starter: Use The Five Senses To Describe A Scene
   A great way to spice up a piece of writing is to use the five senses to set the scene. It immerses the reader in the story and as the title implies gives them a more sensory experience that is engaging and relatable.
   In the writing world, they constantly tell authors  to “show” not “tell”.  For example, if I were to “tell” about the photograph above I could say: It was a nice day at the park. My statement is accurate and to the point but where’s the panache? Did I engage the reader? Pull them in? Capture their imagination with my words? No, I didn’t.
   However, if I were to…

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