This is from 8-16 Everything sucks…

Kawanee is having problems again.

I’m trying to get home to my family, but it’s hard and there’s so much to do. The financial side of things suck, “We’ll take care of you.” Turned out to have strings attached and meant for a week or two…

I was offered some help from my old boss and family friend but… things happened and now I don’t know if that’s going to pan out or not. 

The offer of manpower to help load was given but- only a handful of people showed up. 

Family members were supposed to come back and help with the driving but-

Workman’s comp claim? Denied…

Hubby’s employer tried to make a nice gesture, but lawyers got involved and that went sideways. Would have been really nice  since I didn’t even get a sympathy card from the company but- *shrug*

My landlord rented my house, I don’t have a place in my hometown…

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