Some good news part 2

Kawanee is making great progress.

So, the good news continues. 🙂

I was fighting with my previous employer about getting unemployment. They didn’t respond to the agency, so the agency ruled in my favor initially. Like most people, the company didn’t pay attention until money started being paid out to me then all of a sudden they want to fight me for it. They said I quit my job.. erm nope, I had documented proof they said I had been terminated. So, I asked to see the file so I could see what they were going to use against me. They got a copy too. A day before I was going to have to meet with the tribunal… they dropped their objection. Yay! I WON! I finally won against something that wasn’t fair… now if I could just get some other unfairness righted as well.. I might be a really happy camper. 

Since I won…

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