Parking lot Problem:

Kawanee stands up to a pest in the parking lot.

My mom has a hard time walking, she’s 70 yrs old and we have a handicapped placard to use for her to park in handicapped spots. It’s raining; despite this, we walked pretty slowly across the pick-up lane and over to my car. I took the cart and went around to my side of the car to load things so that when we got home I could get everything from the side closest to the house. Mom wanted to come over and help me load; she’s standing at the end of my car. I had just told mom I would put stuff in on my side of the car and to go ahead and get in the as it was raining but she’s still clearly visible.

A woman pulled up behind my car, gets out and asked me if she could ask me a question. Thinking the woman needed…

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