Terms of Endearment

Enduring terms.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Persephone & Demeter, Susan Seddon Boulet

I have had many nicknames over the years, from the inevitable adolescent reflections on my anatomy, an avenue we will not explore here thank-you-very-much, to the classically inspired… and just about everything in between.  Most have had a literary inspiration, when I think about it. My sons long ago began to look down from their lofty heights and call me a hobbit. That one has not only stuck but appears to have taken root and is now applied by many friends worldwide. I want it on record that this refers solely to my vertically challenged state… I do not have hairy feet. And they are tiny. Though it is true I am seldom seen with shoes and I have an inordinate passion for mushrooms and my Shire, where the roots go very deep.

I may have Peter Jackson to thank for a lucky escape…

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