The Founding Fathers Have Their Say …

Wow! Very well done founding fathers.

Filosofa's Word

The Founding Fathers, as we call them, united 13 disparate colonies, fought for independence from Britain and penned a series of influential governing documents that steer the country to this day.  I’ve often wondered over the past three years what they would think if they were to drop back in now and see what has become of the nation they founded.

LO AND BEHOLD!  They have not only popped in for a quick visit, but they even made a video to tell us just what they think of the current occupant of the Oval Office!  Take a look … I think it will bring a smile to your face, if nothing else.

Very well done, don’t you think?

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How to Help Hedgehogs

How to help the hedgehogs.

Walking the Old Ways

Further to my last post. Here’s some advice from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society . Please help our hedgehogs!

Avoid using pesticides and slug pellets in your garden. Not only can these harm hedgehogs but also damage their food chain. Use organic methods instead.

Make sure hedgehogs have easy access to your garden. Ensure boundary fences or walls have a 13cm x 13cm gap in the bottom to allow hedgehogs to pass through. Keep a corner of your garden wild to offer shelter, protection and natural food for hedgehogs and other wildlife. Encourage hedgehogs into your garden, but you should never just move one in from another area, as it may well have a nest of dependent young that you would be condemning to death.

Provide a shallow dish of fresh water for all wildlife, and food such as hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food or cat biscuits…

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Black History Month –John Swett Rock

A great example for Black History Month.

Filosofa's Word

There are so many true heroes in black American history that it’s hard to choose just one or even a dozen.  This year for black history month, I wanted to highlight some people that are a bit less well-known than, say, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, or Martin Luther King.  I began last week with Thomas Mundy Peterson, the first African-American to cast a vote.  Today, I would like to introduce you to John Swett Rock, the first black lawyer admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, a man who in his short 41-year life, was a school teacher and administrator, dentist, physician, lawyer, and human rights and abolitionist activist.  Quite a plateful, wouldn’t you say?

Mr. Rock was born in Salem County, New Jersey, on October 13, 1825. Living in a slave-free state but with modest means, his parents rejected the common but often necessary practice…

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Words That Frighten

Some words are used to frighten.


I wrote this years ago and reblog it here because no one seems to have read it and the ideas I tried to clarify appear to be as relevant today as they were years ago — if not more so!

In every generation there are numerous words that take on pejorative overtones — many of which were never part of the term’s meaning in the first place. Not long ago, for instance, “discipline” was a positive concept, but it has become a bad thing thanks to progressive educators who ignore the fact that discipline is essential to clear thinking and the creation of art instead of junk. Another such term is “discrimination” which used to simply suggest the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, good paintings and good music, for example, from random paint scattered on canvas or mere noise. Indeed, it was a sign of an educated…

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Some good news part 2

Kawanee is making great progress.

So, the good news continues. 🙂

I was fighting with my previous employer about getting unemployment. They didn’t respond to the agency, so the agency ruled in my favor initially. Like most people, the company didn’t pay attention until money started being paid out to me then all of a sudden they want to fight me for it. They said I quit my job.. erm nope, I had documented proof they said I had been terminated. So, I asked to see the file so I could see what they were going to use against me. They got a copy too. A day before I was going to have to meet with the tribunal… they dropped their objection. Yay! I WON! I finally won against something that wasn’t fair… now if I could just get some other unfairness righted as well.. I might be a really happy camper. 

Since I won…

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A Low-Level Walk from Grasmere

Views of a walk from Grasmere.

Walking the Old Ways

I’m writing this over a very stormy weekend, looking back to last Friday, when we walked from Grasmere on a terrific day of blue sky overhead, a cloud inversion over the mere, and astonishing colour and clarity.

DSCF1816 Stone Arthur from Grasmere (c) John Bainbridge 2020

A cold morning, but one of those chilly Lakeland days, that makes every rock and bracken stalk stand out in incredible detail.

Recovering from a bad back, I needed a walk, but didn’t want too much gradient, so a circuit of Grasmere and Rydal Water, seemed to be ideal. Familiar walking country, but well worth the walk.

DSCF1817 Frosty Grasmere (c) John Bainbridge 2020

We started early, and Grasmere was near deserted as we walked up the lane towards Red Bank and Deerbolt Wood. By this time we were in freezing cloud as we were caught up in the inversion clinging to the water.

There had…

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Bears Ears And Tears

Our beautiful country is being ruined.

Filosofa's Word

They’re at it again, folks.  The greedy fools running this country (into the ground) have decided that … what the people want matters not.  In essence, they have said, “We will tell you what you want … now sit down and shut up … oh yeah, and don’t forget to pay us your tax money so we can waste more money on utter stupidity!”  Yes, Filosofa is in fight mode once again.  Damn these greedy bastards.

In 2017, Trump announced he would downsize both the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments in Utah, which would be the largest reversal of national monument protections in U.S. history.  Now folks … first of all, those aren’t Trump’s lands to do with as he pleases … they are OURS.  After Trump made that announcement in 2017, a public comment period was opened by the administration whereby fully 99% of the…

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