The Virus: We are doing okay… :)

Kawanee went shopping.

Hey WordPress family,

How are you doing during this harrowing virus pandemic? You’ve been on my mind, I’ve wondered how you’re doing. Weirdly I’m not panicked… worried a little but not having anxiety attacks. So, are you okay? Drop me a reply and let me know?

So far, we’re doing okay. Mom is diabetic and 72, I’ve recently been diagnosed with asthma and turned 50. (ERG!) I’m the only driver in the house so it falls on me to be the one to go out and get the groceries. We don’t go out anymore… but when I did this is what we found.

Last week just after my birthday things were calm in my small town. There was toilet paper for everyone, food on the shelves, napkins, hand sanitizer, paper towels. I bought a few groceries enough to last a couple of weeks, maybe a month if needed. Not because…

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