Playing the stock market… O.o I know… but I’m doing it!

Kawanee is now a stock owner.

Okay, So I haven’t been online much to tell y’all this, but some of the back taxes the government owes me has come in. 🙂

So far it’s been keeping us afloat while I’m looking for work. I’ve decided since our stock market is crashing that it might be a good time to bargain hunt for stocks that I might not ordinarily be able to afford.

It’s actually my son and his friends that brought this little phone app to my attention. My son got a free stock for me signing up and I got one too. Turns out the one I got just so happens to be a company working on a vaccine for the Corona Virus… so, on one hand, yay me. On the other hand, they are now embroiled in a scandal but the stock is still double what I paid for and plus the free one…

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