Backwoods adventure

Kawanee goes really rural.

Okay, y’all…

So remember when I mentioned the Boonies and what it means? Well, my mother and I went out to THE Booniest of the Boonies.  I’ve taken a freelance job where I go out and take pictures for insurance companies or property buyers and what not. There were 3 in a clustered location so I took them. I knew the one was waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere so I asked for a little extra money for that one.

I told my mom I’d give her $5 if we stayed on paved road, but I just knew it was going to be a gravel road leading off into the wild mountains of Arkansas. Little did I know that it was even worse than I’d thought. Sure enough, we were out in the sticks… and sure enough, we turned off a little 2 lane country road onto a gravel/dirt…

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