Good People Doing Good Things – Pay It Forward Day

What paying it forward means.

Filosofa's Word

Yesterday, April 28th, was Pay it Forward Day.  Since it is too soon to find the many people who found ways to ‘pay it forward’ just yet, but since I did not wish to let the day pass unnoticed, I am reprising my post about the day from 2017.  For many of you it will be new, but even if it isn’t, some of the things these people have done is worthy of a second read, three years later!

“From what we get we make a living – from what we give, we make a life.” – Arthur Ashe


As usual, I am about a day late and a dollar short.  Well, actually about 5 days late, as it were.  But, better late than never, right?  Turns out that April 28th was the 10th annual Pay It Forward Day.  Yes, folks, there is actually an annual Pay It…

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Mixed messages…

Sue, her son, and her age.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“… so older people are more at risk?”

I could see the wheels turning.

How old are you now?” I told him. His eyes widened. “When did that happen?”

I mentioned birthdays and their usual function of adding a year at a time to your age…

Next day the multivitamins arrived.

Designed for seniors.

“Make sure you take them…”

My son survived only because the thought was there… supporting my obviously elderly and decrepit immune system.

I did try to point out that sleep was also good for my immune system… but he didn’t take the bait, so I’m still up before dawn. To be fair, I did get one later start… which was lovely… but all the others we’ve agreed have gone down the drain when the birds woke him too early…

Then he imposed social distancing, of a sort. Not between him and me… that, given the…

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Bush Stone Curlew~

Cindy Knoke’s lovely pictures of some Bush Stone Curlews from Austalia.

Whose hiding here?

A mama curlew and her chick, that’s who! (You can see the camouflaged chick in the first photo in the upper right if you look carefully).

Mama quickly proceeded to lead me away from her chick,

like a good protective mama bird.

Bush Stone Curlews are ground dwelling, carnivorous birds native to Australia. They can fly, but rely on concealment to evade predation.

Cheers to you from the clever, camouflaged, curlews~

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My people are coming for me! Woot!

Kawanee’s sci-fi junk mail.

So here’s what happened. I got a junk email, which is usually easily ignorable, but this one almost got me. I’ve never wanted to click on a junk email so very badly before. It’s almost worth getting a virus or my identity stolen over. Are you ready?!

I… (little ol me) got a message from:

TheIntergalactic Council!!

*SQUEE!!!!!!* I knew it!!! I knew I wasn’t from here…  *happy dances* Whew, things make so much sense now! Now that I’m outta here, I can tell you that humans are so weird and sometimes not in a fun kitschy kind of way. Ya’ll are weird and my people have come for me. Or will be… so: Peace out bitches!… *settle down….  take a deep steadying breath…. settle down keep reading..*


Subject: You have been chosen…

Obviously, they are intelligent beings, they have email and one HECK of an internet provider.

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Two Political Fools …

Governor Andrew Cuomo of NY thinks now is not the time for idiots. I heartily agree but there are some.

Filosofa's Word

A crisis of major proportions brings out the best in some people, but it also brings out massive doses of idiocy and foolishness on the part of politicians.  Today there are two such foolish idiots on my radar …


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is back on my radar again.  You may remember a post I did in August 2018 titled Fools Rush In because at that time, he was running for the office of governor in the State of Georgia.  At the very least, you may remember these pictures …

He won the election and is now Governor Kemp.  He’s no less a fool today than he was in August 2018.  Kemp has a plan for re-opening businesses in his state.  Not all businesses, mind you, but as soon as this Friday, the day after tomorrow, he plans to allow gyms, hair salons, bowling alleys and tattoo parlors to…

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Good People Doing Good Things – For Mother Earth (Redux)

Good people doing good things to protect the Earth and wildlife.

Filosofa's Word

Earth Day 2018-4Well, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea for this morning’s post.  Since today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, I thought to combine ‘good people’ with Earth Day … you know, good people doing good things for the planet on Earth Day?  Sadly, it didn’t pan out, though, for it appears that in the shadow of coronavirus, the planet has been forgotten.  😔 Nobody seems to care at the moment, and I was able to find not a single incident of even something as simple as someone picking up trash around the neighborhood or off the beach.  So disappointed was I that I lost the incentive to keep looking, thus I am reduxing a post from June 2017, a time when people were doing good things for the planet.  Tomorrow, Miss Goose and I will be picking up trash at the park behind our house.  Happy…

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אנו זוכר’ם WE REMEMBER

Some flash fiction by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

Because today is Yom HaShoah…Holocaust Remembrance Day, I’m taking the liberty of sharing a few flash fictions I’ve written. These are only four out of many I’ve written concerning the subject. It’s not much, but it is my way of keeping the voices of the past alive. Like many Jewish people, I had relatives who perished under the Nazis. However I never knew their names or their faces. My mother told me my grandfather, who came here to escape the pogroms in Eastern Europe at the turn of the 20th century, had been trying to help some of his relatives escape Hitler. Sadly, communications ceased. For those I never knew, I write these stories as tribute. May we never forget.

אנו זוכר’ם


Katya played Chopin’s “Berceuse” on the imaginary piano in her coat pocket with trembling fingers. She tried to keep pace on the frozen…

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