art and war…

May the Risen Lord have mercy on us all.

Paul Militaru

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Art and War

Is very true that through photography, I express my soul experiences. I have often been asked why I do not write a few impressions on each photo, why I do not do photojournalism, or why each photo is not accompanied by a simple comment.
If I were in war I could have written, although nowadays we could say that it is a war, with a treacherous enemy, unseen, evil but much more effective than an army of people with a rifle pointing at you he can go down and kill mercilessly and without being able to respond in any way, as Bill Gates said in a conference that many may not have justified by labeling him an eccentric, crazy millionaire.

It is known, however, that a photograph can illustrate and say much more than a thousand words, which is very true.
I have written some stories about…

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