My people are coming for me! Woot!

Kawanee’s sci-fi junk mail.

So here’s what happened. I got a junk email, which is usually easily ignorable, but this one almost got me. I’ve never wanted to click on a junk email so very badly before. It’s almost worth getting a virus or my identity stolen over. Are you ready?!

I… (little ol me) got a message from:

TheIntergalactic Council!!

*SQUEE!!!!!!* I knew it!!! I knew I wasn’t from here…  *happy dances* Whew, things make so much sense now! Now that I’m outta here, I can tell you that humans are so weird and sometimes not in a fun kitschy kind of way. Ya’ll are weird and my people have come for me. Or will be… so: Peace out bitches!… *settle down….  take a deep steadying breath…. settle down keep reading..*


Subject: You have been chosen…

Obviously, they are intelligent beings, they have email and one HECK of an internet provider.

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