Mixed messages…

Sue, her son, and her age.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“… so older people are more at risk?”

I could see the wheels turning.

How old are you now?” I told him. His eyes widened. “When did that happen?”

I mentioned birthdays and their usual function of adding a year at a time to your age…

Next day the multivitamins arrived.

Designed for seniors.

“Make sure you take them…”

My son survived only because the thought was there… supporting my obviously elderly and decrepit immune system.

I did try to point out that sleep was also good for my immune system… but he didn’t take the bait, so I’m still up before dawn. To be fair, I did get one later start… which was lovely… but all the others we’ve agreed have gone down the drain when the birds woke him too early…

Then he imposed social distancing, of a sort. Not between him and me… that, given the…

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