#Booktour – No accounting for taste, a story by Jim Webster and my review

The 3rd day of Jim Webster’s latest blog tour on Robbie’s blog. 1st, a story involving a clever scheme to support a wife and 2nd, two new books by Jim Webster with the reviews included.

Robbie's inspiration

No accounting for taste

I learned my trade at a desk in Miser Mumster’s counting house. It was an excellent apprenticeship. He made sure his clerks wrote clearly with a fair hand, and woe betide any of us who wrote anything illegible or smudged! I wish that he would stand behind those students of poetry who present their scrawls for me to decipher. A rap across the knuckles with his walking cane would concentrate their minds!

But I intend to take this opportunity to celebrate an achievement of a friend of mine. A lady who combines a sharp mind with a winning way when it comes to desserts. She was good enough to be taken on as an auditor with the celebrated forensic accountants, the ladies Marisol and Chesini Clogchipper.

Madi was trained by the Miser in person. Indeed she is reputed to have several times coxed an increase in remuneration from him merely…

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