Yay! Guest blog from Tallis Steelyard

This is the 10th day of Jim Webster’s latest blog tour. Today he’s the guest of MT McGuire. First, is the story of the young soldier Basset Larn who decides to have Tallis Steelyard get him employment as a singer at various home entertainments. It doesn’t work out. Second, there are two humorous and entertaining Kindle ebooks on offer by Jim Webster with various stories about the characters of Port Naain. Reviews of both books are included.

M T McGuire Authorholic

This week another treat as we are once again visited by the inestimable Tallis Steelyard who will tell us a story. Oh yes. Enjoy.

Only the Truth

I hold up Bassat Larn as an example of the sort of problems that can befall an honest man. Now Bassat wasn’t merely honourable, he simply couldn’t lie. In any situation he would merely tell the truth as he saw it. There was nothing vindictive in this, it was just the way he was. Now in his ‘day job’ it didn’t matter. When you normally serve as a man-at-arms on horseback and are about to say something that might be better left unsaid, one of your colleagues will merely tap your helmet so that the visor closes, muffling your words. Not only that, but soldiers tend to be a robust group of individuals, unlikely to be hurt by your candid comments about the colour of their tunic or their current haircut.

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