Two new Tallis Steelyard stories… @JimWebster6

This is the 11th day of Jim Webster’s latest blog tour. Today he’s the guest of Jaye Marie and Anita. First, is the story of Esmielle Parthong, a bait digger and seller well-known in Fort Naain. Second, there are two humorous and entertaining books, one in a Kindle edition and one available in both Kindle and paperback on offer by Jim Webster. These contain various stories about the characters of Port Naain. Reviews of both books are included.

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie

Today, it is our turn to tell you all about Jim Webster’s two new books!

We have always been a fan of his stories and we have been blessed with a new one, The Bait Digger, just for this post!

If any of you haven’t had the pleasure of Jim’s wonderful stories, now would be the time to start. You won’t be disappointed…

the bait digger.jpg

The Bait Digger

It often surprises me how people manage to make a living in this city. Take, for example, Esmielle Parthong. She sells bait, both bait-balls and worms. The bait balls she makes herself. She uses a little old bread that she gets from a bakery for the cost of taking it away. This she moistens with a little water, and mixes in some old cheese rind that the grocer is left with. This is all chopped up with some fish guts if she has them…

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