Three sisters ~ Tallis Steelyard Guest Post

This is the 13th day of Jim Webster’s latest blog tour. Today, he’s the guest of Ken Gierke on his blog. First, is the tale of a tragic romance involving a glovemaker’s brother and one of three sisters. Second, there are two humorous and entertaining books, on offer by Jim Webster. One in a Kindle edition and one is in both a Kindle edition and a paperback version . Both contain various stories about the characters of Port Naain. Reviews of both books are included.


Tallis Steelyard Guest Post

It was Estini Clogwain who got me involved in this mad quest. She was a charming young woman, she made gloves, bespoke, for private clients. I would occasionally see her when in the presence of a common patron. By unspoken agreement I always made a point of commenting favourable about her gloves to anybody who asked, and I know for a fact she recommended me as a safe pair of hands for anybody wishing to organise an entertainment.

But I was a little surprised when I got home to the barge one evening to find her sobbing on Shena’s shoulder. I did the sensible thing and made coffee and waited for the ladies to involve me in the conversation. Eventually the reason for her presence was vouchsafed to me. She had a
brother, somewhat older, who had been courting the younger Mistress Yarbattle. He had disappeared. She had had no…

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