Good People Doing Good Things — Reaching Out

More good people doing good things.

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If it’s Wednesday, then it must be time to set aside the politics for just a few moments and focus on some good people, yes?  Well, it just happens that I’ve found a couple …

Lasagna anyone?

Michelle Brenner went to work at her job in a men’s clothing store in Gig Harbour, Washington, one day in March, only to be told that the store would be closing indefinitely, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Michelle went home and fixed herself a pan of lasagna … comfort food, y’know.

The next day, she knew she couldn’t just sit home and do nothing to help people, so she volunteered to go grocery shopping for some friends and neighbors.  When she noticed that several had included frozen lasagna on their lists, she was horrified!  FROZEN Lasagna???  Surely not!  Now, Michelle is of Italian descent, and has long used the recipe her grandmother handed…

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